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Kalika Steel Alloys Pvt. Ltd. Is the “Most Preferred TMT Bar Brand” in Maharashtra, which continues to respond by modernizing its manufacturing processes and consolidating businesses to increase productivity and cater to the rising demand for quality TMT Bars.
We have been able to carve a niche position in the steel sector by producing advanced and high-strength TMT Bars, which is the most sought after product available today for the civil construction sector.

Mission Statement

We are committed to achieving success through integrity, transparency, implementation of best practices and usage of advanced technology to produce supreme quality steel.

We aim at providing our employees a fostering environment and carrying out environment friendly proudction process to pay our dues towards the society.


Ghansham Goyal

Promoter and Founder Director
Kalika Steel Alloys Pvt. Ltd.

He is an expert in the manufacture of Billets.
His superiority in streamlining the production chain and getting maximum production from available resources gives Kalika Steel an extra edge.

Arun Agarwal

Promoter and Founder Director
Kalika Steel Alloys Pvt. Ltd.

Finance is his core competency and he has built a strong financial structure for Kalika Steel.
In fact whenever Kalika Steel advances to technological or product development, it is Arun Agarwal's ability to handle the finance department which enhances sustainablility of Kalika Steel.

Anil N. Goyal

Promoter and Founder Director
Kalika Steel Alloys Pvt. Ltd.

A vast experience of over 25 years in the field of steel trading and manufacturing.
As in-charge of Sales & Marketing, Anil N. Goyal's deermination has made Kalika Steel one of the leading brands in the steel sector.

Manoj Jindal

Kalika Steel Alloys Pvt. Ltd.

Manoj Jindal is the youngest Director at Kalika Steel since April 2012.
He has a fresh approach towards modernity which has put Kalika Steel on a path to development.
His mission is to make Kalika Steel the most preferred brands of steel.


Billet Production

We cast square mild steel billets of cross section 130 x 130 sq mm through a continuous caster. The billets are manufactired by induction furnace route and the chemical properties are strictly maintained as per below:

Billets are manufactured as per IS standards (2831-2012) and are used for manufacture of TMT Re Bars. Mixture of Sponge Iron, DRI are fed into induction furnaces of capacities 25 and 30 MT in steel melting shop to product supreme quality mild steel. After going through rigorous treatment and chemical analysis, the...

TMT Bars

TMT Bars

The new facility of the company, is highly technically sophisticated and best in class. The square cross section billets go through precise and uniform size reduction in linear movement of material, unlike traditional cross-country mills. This helps impart high quality, bendability and surface finish to our finished products.

With a mix of highly advanced rolling mill designs and machinery from Germany, the quality quenching system from Pomini (Italy) and the world renowned SIEMENS...

The most trustworthy protection shield for every structure.

More Commanding

Our steel has a distinctive quality of superiority which resists steel from Corrosion

More Weldable

Our steel has a special attribute of flexibility which makes steel easily weld-able

More resistant

Our steel has high strength which resists steel from Fire up to 600

More sturdy

Our steel has a unique quality of sturdiness which resists steel from Earthquakes

More flexibility

Our steel has a special attribute of bend-ability which makes steel responsive


Why Kalika

  • Now, with a world class PRIMETAL TECHNOLOGY (SIEMENS-VAI) to ensure excellent quality
  • Cost Effective - Precise WEIGHT per meter
  • Confirm STRENGTH of FE - 500 and ELONGATION of 16% plus
  • Uniform RIBS for the strongest and safest construction
  • World acclaimed 'SIEMENS - POMINI' Thermo Mechanical Treatment(TMT)
  • Committed for BEST QUALITY product and SERVICE par excellence

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We provide integrated infrastructure and need high quality steel;
that too in time. We TRUST KALIKA STEEL and appreciate their commitment.
Adani Group
We owe our success to planned development and masterly execution.
Kalika Steel has been with us throughout our journey. We wish them all the best!
Our core business is setting up power projects and Kalika Steel are
our trusted supplier of strong and durable steel. We trust them and wish them good luck.
We have earned the goodwill and respect of people with our sincerity and integrity.
Kalika Steel has always upheld the same values,
that's the reason we have been working together. Our best wishes to them!
Vilas Jawdekar developers
To attain excellence; superior quality, dedication and trust are key essentials.
And Kalika Steel scores high points. Our best wishes to them!
Ashok Infra Properties
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